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The importance of fathers

The Ben and Catharine Storek Family

Mothers and Fathers Are Both Important!

As a mother feeds her child, she gazes lovingly into his eyes. A father talks gently to his newborn daughter as he changes her diaper. These actions may seem insignificant to you, but to your child they can mean the difference between success and failure later in life.

Both mothers and fathers play a key role in the development of a child. Mothers provide nurturing and are usually seen as the primary caregiver. She tends to the everyday needs. However, the role of the father should not be overlooked. The relationship a father has, or does not have, with his children greatly influences his childŸ??s potential for success.

Did you knowŸ??

Ÿ?? The way a child feels about his or her father is directly related to how the mother feels about the father?
Ÿ?? Fathers spend more time playing with their children and are more stimulating and physical in their play.
Ÿ?? Fathers are viewed as more interesting play partners by children.
Ÿ?? Fathers have the greatest influence on their sons during early childhood.
Ÿ?? Children are less likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol when their father is active in their lives.
Ÿ?? When BOTH parents are involved, daughters are less likely to engage in sexual activity at an early age.

Remember, whether you and your partner are married, divorced or unmarried, you are equally important to your childŸ??s healthy development. The relationship you forge with your child will shape the way he or she learns, thinks and behaves for the rest of his or her life.